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The 5 Basic Figure Shapes

Let’s face facts—not all sizes are “equal”. What looks good on one size 14 may not be as flattering on another 14. We all know this, but just like you, were frustrated at the failure of clothing manufacturers to address this issue.

So, we’ve decided it’s high-time to make sure you can find both your correct size and your perfect, flattering fit. At long last, here’s practical advice on exactly what will flatter your figure.

Lucky you! Your figure is often referred to as curvy—you have the classic hourglass shape. Your waist is noticeably smaller than your bust and hips, which are nearly equal in size. You want to emphasize your gentle curves without cluttering your figure.

Style What to Look For What to Avoid Body Shape - Hourglass
Blazers and Tops

  • Semi-fitted styles that fall at mid-hip
  • Single-breasted designs
  • Consider shoulder pads
  • Styles with belts, usually in the back

  • Long lines
  • Double-breasted styles
  • Excess details
  • Pants
  • Flat-fronts that sit at the natural waist
  • Side or back-zip styles
  • Designs with a bit of stretch
  • Cuffs
  • Very tapered-leg styles
  • Skirts

  • A-line and wrap styles
  • Waistbands that allow you tuck-in tops
  • Softly draping, floaty fabrics
  • Boxy styles with horizontal detailing
  • Stiff fabrics
  • Full pleats

  • Triangle
    Many women have this shape—nature’s preferred feminine shape. Your figure is often referred to as pear-shaped. Your figure is wider below your waist; your hips and thighs are full. Balance is the key word—minimize your figure below the waist by maximizing impact above the waist.

    Style What to Look For What to Avoid Body Shape - Triangle
    Blazers and Tops

  • Shoulder pads are a must!
  • Semi-fitted, moderate-length styles
  • Car-coat or duster-length designs
  • Contour seaming details
  • Cropped lengths
  • Flap or patch pockets
  • Double-breasted styles
  • Pants
  • Tailored, flat-front designs
  • Waistbands more than 1” wide
  • Ample room thru the hips and thighs
  • Back pockets or back detailing
  • Both wide legs and tapered legs
  • Busy prints such as plaids and loud patterns
  • Skirts

  • Moderate a-lines
  • No-waist styles
  • Vertical details
  • Designs with pockets
  • Bias-cut styles
  • Hem detail, pleats or full flares
  • Busy prints such as plaids and loud patterns

  • Rectangle
    Your figure is frequently called athletic. Your waist is undefined, and similar in size to your bust and hips. By broadening your shoulders and hips and creating hints of a waistline, you can turn your figure into an hourglass. Wear tops and bottoms that are contrasting colors or different shades.

    Style What to Look For What to Avoid Body Shape - Rectangle
    Blazers and Tops
  • Double-breasted styles
  • Textured fabrics
  • Moderate lengths with waist detail
  • Single-breasted styles
  • Very plain designs
  • Heavy seaming details
  • Pants
  • Flat-front designs
  • Wide waistbands with a slight low-rise
  • Styles with a slight hem flare
  • Boot-cut, relaxed fits
  • Very narrow waistbands, except no-waist styles
  • Skirts
  • Full-pleating
  • Belted styles
  • Pocket details
  • Long and narrow or tapered skirts

  • Circle
    Many women have this shape, too. Your waist is somewhat larger than your bust and hips, which are fairly even in size. By creating length in the torso, you’ll have a longer, more flattering silhouette.

    Style What to Look For What to Avoid

    Style What to Look For What to Avoid Body Shape - Circle
    Blazers and Tops
  • Semi-fitted, straight-cut or open-jacket styles
  • Lengths that fall at or below the derriere
  • Single-breasted, deep v-neck designs
  • Cropped styles
  • Double-breasted designs
  • Wide lapels
  • Flap or patch pockets
  • Pants
  • Flat-front, straight-leg designs
  • No-waist styles
  • Back elastic or side elastic inserts
  • Pleats
  • High-waisted designs
  • Wearing belts in a contrasting color
  • Skirts
  • Gently tapered pencil skirts and a-lines
  • No-waist, flat front styles
  • Subdued colors in smooth fabrics
  • Bias-cut and wrapped styles
  • Pleats of all kinds
  • Styles with waistbands over ½”

  • Inverted Triangle
    Your shoulders and bust are wider than your tummy and hips. By adding a bit of emphasis to your hips, you can balance your shoulders and create the illusion of an hourglass shape.

    Style What to Look For What to Avoid Body Shape - Inverted Triangle
    Blazers and Tops
  • Smooth, drapey fabrics
  • Narrow lapels and collars
  • Vertical, contour seaming
  • Shoulder pads or shoulder detailing
  • Exceptionally fitted styles
  • Double-breasted designs
  • Pants
  • No-waist designs are universally flattering
  • Pleated designs with belt loops
  • Tapered legs
  • Slim fit and tight fitting pants
  • Skirts
  • Full, flared designs that provide balance to your bust or shoulders
  • Drapey fabrics
  • Pleated styles
  • Form-fitting styles that fall straight from the waist



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